Testimonial 2 Danie Collina
I have been having English lessons with Raedmund for a while now and I can state his material is excellent. Well-structured, interesting, long enough to introduce new vocabulary and structures without being boring. Totally recommend using it, and I am!
Daniel Collina
Testimonial 7 Ella
Over the last year I have become so busy teaching English online. It has taken me so long to find quality material, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across ESL Pals. It saves me so much time as I do not have to plan any lessons and I can use this extra time to teach even more. What a relief!
South Africa
Testimonial 1 Koah
My son’s teacher uses ESL Pals material in her lessons and my son really enjoys it. From these lessons my son learned not only new vocabulary, grammar but also knowledge about the world around him. The material has a lot of activities that help my son to speak and practice without being boring. My son’s English is improving through every lesson.
Tuan Koah
Testimonial 9 Hector
These lesson plans are the best I have tried. They go through very trendy topics so it is very easy to practice while discussing interesting things. I feel that I have enhanced my English while having fun, which makes me very committed to the classes. Perfect combination of grammar, listening, speaking and very useful vocabulary.
Hector Rodriguez
Testimonial 6 Sergey
ESL Pals lesson plans are great because they enable me to learn comfortably at my own pace. The lessons contain many interesting activities which provide structure and enjoyment. My English level has progressed greatly since using these ESL lesson plans!
Testimonial 3 David Celda
ESL Pals provide perfect content about a wide range of fun, engaging topics. I’ve improved my vocabulary and grammar a lot by using lesson plans from ESL Pals.
David Celda
Testimonial 8 Kate
I have been learning with my teacher for about a year and we learned from ESL Pals materials. I would say it’s one of the best materials for non-English speakers because they explain idioms and tricky phrases in clear explanation. Secondly, it provides interesting and informative videos and interactive discussions. Last but not least, the materials include a lot of modern and useful statements and articles which will help you to expand your vocabulary so you don’t feel fear around natives anymore.
Testimonial 10 Juan

I really improved my English skills using these lesson plans. The topics are relevant and entertaining covering topics such as the environment, education, alcohol, binge watching, and many other amazing topics that enable an interesting discussion. The lessons have a good balance between listening, discussions, reading, writing. For me, the most important aspect is that the lessons create a great learning environment, enabling fun, educational lessons.

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